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Welcome to Personal Leadership, a coached self-awareness programme developed by Performance Management Systems Ltd and The Performance Learning Company. We have extensive professional experience that will provide you with guidance and support to boost your mental health and wellbeing and improve your performance.

Through specialist coaching courses, workshops and resources, we deliver comprehensive support that will help you achieve your goals.

Based in Billericay, Essex, our performance and wellbeing, lifestyle and self-awareness programmes are available across the UK from our simple online platform. So, whether you’re based in Essex, nearby in the City of London, or further out in the UK, get in touch to discuss how we can help you live the life you want to lead.

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Is Personal Leadership for me?

Are you:

  • Feeling stressed?

  • Frustrated by a lack of achievement?

  • Overworked or overwhelmed?

  • Looking for inspiration?

  • Seeking greater clarity and direction?

  • At a crossroads in work or in life?


The Personal Leadership programme empowers you to be your own guide, with support from experienced coaches who will help you dig deeper and think bigger. Whether your desired outcomes are personal, professional or both, the course will give you clarity, direction and focus, ending with a clear action plan to take you forward as you progress towards your goals. Crucially, it will help you start to shift your mindset to drive positive action and experiences. 

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Personal Leadership will increase your confidence and put you in control of your journey to achieving your goals

Raise your Self-Awareness

Discover more about yourself as you explore the programme. Clarify your purpose, vision and values. Build stronger relationships, make better decisions and understand and manage your strengths and weaknesses more effectively. Increase your resilience and develop your self-control.

Gain Clarity

It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life or get stuck at the crossroads wondering where to go next. Personal Leadership enables you to gain clarity on the areas of your life that matter most to you, while our coaching helps you remove the blockers that prevent you from being your brilliant best.

Develop an Action Plan

The final part of your journey will be to develop your own personal roadmap. This summarises your discoveries in a powerful one-page overview that guides you towards your goals. It includes your purpose, values, strengths and passions, alongside clear actions leading you towards your desired vision.

In a fast-moving, ever-changing world, it is easy to find yourself feeling lost, without clarity or vision for the future. This can lead to a lack of purpose, which in turn negatively affects your mental health and overall wellbeing.


Following a pandemic that has flipped many people’s vision of life and their goals, you might find yourself needing guidance and support to find a work-life balance, manage stress and realign yourself towards your goals

Through our leading coaching programmes, which are available from London, Essex and across the UK, we help people raise their self-awareness, enhance their wellbeing and improve their performance. This also has the benefit of helping to strengthen mental fitness and improve mental health.


Our underlying drive is to provide coaching, tools and support that allows you to remove the things that restrict your growth. Whether your goals are personal, professional, or both, we will help you unlock your potential and become your brilliant best.

In parallel, you’ll reap the benefits of gaining a better understanding of stress and anxiety, including their potential causes and how they are affecting your life. Your progression will lead you to understand ways to effectively deal with these, and our experienced coaches will help you remove limiting beliefs and increase your confidence. Our team of driven personal coaches in London, Essex and further across the UK are ready to hear from you.

Through our extensive experience, we have helped individuals through career changes and transitions, including end of career advice. Others benefit from guidance in structuring their life and their thoughts, managing their energy, living their values, and finding their direction. From a corporate perspective, our programmes strengthen relationships, enhance trust and empathy, and increase people's awareness of not only themselves, but also of others that they work with


Whatever your reason may be, we want to hear from you.


Get in touch with our friendly team and let us discuss how we can help you lead a more fulfilling life.

Personal Leadership Resources

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Group Coaching

Self-awareness and shared learning to deepen your discovery

Personal 1:1 Coaching

Transform your life to how you want it to be

Corporate programme

Help your people thrive - in work and in life

Our performance and wellbeing coaching takes place through our online access platform. We’ve created a content-rich platform through which you have access to a multitude of materials that we know can help. Split into ten modules, Personal Leadership is structured in such a way that you incrementally gain an increased understanding of your energy, life balance and the six components of your personal charter: these are your purpose, values, vision, roles in life, relationships and personal strengths.

That’s not all; after every module, you will benefit from bespoke coaching that gives you the support, guidance and assurance to build your positive mindset and ensure the tools lead you to positive action. These actions will be identified in your powerful one-page personal roadmap.


Whether you’re based in Essex, London or elsewhere in the UK, contact us to see how we can help you break barriers and become your brilliant best.

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Clarity. Calm. Confidence.

Discover what the Personal Leadership programme could do for you

"The Personal Leadership programme was the perfect way to kick start the new me! I really feel that I am performing at a much higher level. I have greater confidence in myself and along with that, of course, comes calm for me.

Identifying the key blockers to excelling in my performance, I believe, has been a game changer for me. I now believe that I can wholly achieve my goals in my new role and my original goal."

Natasha, Marketing & Brand Manager, Northamptonshire