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Natasha's Story

Hear about Natasha's experience of the Personal Leadership programme and how it helped her identify blockers, understand her strengths and exploit them to achieve her goals and ambitions.

Ana's Story

Ana completed the Personal Leadership programme in 2020. Further to her written testimonial, which you can read below, Ana shared her story of how the course helped her overcome one of her biggest fears.


Clarity. Calm. Confidence.

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"The Personal Leadership programme was the perfect way to kick start the new me! I really feel that I am performing at a much higher level. I have greater confidence in myself and along with that, of course, comes calm for me.

Identifying the key blockers to excelling in my performance, I believe, has been a game changer for me. I now believe that I can wholly achieve my goals in my new role and my original goal."

Natasha, Marketing & Brand Manager, Northamptonshire

“I loved the course and the journey it took me on, it’s been fantastic. Work and home life are so busy. Whereas I normally rush around in my own little bubble, the Personal Leadership programme made me stop and look at these things properly.

Doing the exercises made me more aware and encouraged me to make little changes. Without noticing it, it has changed a lot of things for me. I have learned to relax more and make myself happy, as well as everyone else. Now I am in a really good place and feeling a lot more in control of everything.”

Emma, Executive PA, Gloucestershire

“Every good leader needs to take time to reflect and the Personal Leadership course gave me that opportunity. I have read many books on how to be a great leader to teach, inspire and coach others, but the main difference with this course was that it encouraged me to look at myself.

The Personal Leadership course was structured to encourage me to develop my own vision, take ownership of it and, through a series of application-based exercises, help me design a roadmap to achieve it. For me personally, the habit forming energiser was particularly interesting and has shown me how to watch out for alarms that affect my productivity and techniques to address them.

Since finishing the programme, I am continuously using and referring back to my notes to drive my approach and I am confident my own productivity, and that of my team, has significantly improved on the strength of my learnings.

I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for the new thinking that the Personal Leadership course has given me.”

Neil, Improvement Manager, Hartlepool

“Both personally and professionally, the Personal Leadership course challenged me in a way that helped me discover a whole new dimension of my capabilities. Not only is the course professional and insightful, it is also fully thought through in the smallest details to ensure it maximises the positive impact it will have on the participant.

I have done other courses in the past, but I find the Personal Leadership course to be the most ‘human’. It is the only one I have encountered that makes the participant feel like a friend is giving them great advice, rather than merely providing standardised theory and methods on personal development.”

Ana, Design Manager, Birmingham

"The Personal Leadership Programme is excellent. It guides the delegate to consider all of themself, in detail and then learn to apply this to their leadership role.

It is helping me now in a period of transition in my career and I would definitely recommend the course to others."

Richard, Project Director, Leicestershire

"I felt the structure and processes provided a robust pathway and stepping stones that, when followed, provided insight and challenge to strive for improvement, which then cascaded out into daily life."

Mark, Business Owner, Warwickshire

Testimonials for our Peak Performance of a Positive Mind course

“Thank you for introducing me to 'Peak Performance of a Positive Mind'. I have gained so much insight into myself and the skills learned throughout the course have been truly life-changing and liberating for me.

It feels to be a course that keeps on giving. At times I struggled to get my head around things or felt like I couldn't apply concepts to my daily life, but with the help of Jonathan and the Pod I got there. Sometimes it just took time to have that lightbulb moment!

Having undertaken a number of personal development courses, this is by far the best course I've completed. It features some wonderful exercises that have been really powerful and moving and have changed how I view things, enabling me to grow in self-acceptance and self-love. 


I would highly recommend this course to anyone at all interested in personal development.”

Jane, Assistant Social Care Practitioner, West Yorkshire

"I joined the ‘Peak Performance of a Positive Mind’ programme because I wanted to learn techniques to prevent me sabotaging myself and to unlock the power of positivity. I have always tried to be a positive person with a positive outlook; however, in moments of stress I often struggle to find the positives.


The programme came at the perfect time for me. Part way through the course, my workplace announced that there would be some redundancies and restructuring due to financial difficulties. Whilst this could have been a very negative experience, I used the skills I had learnt, and was still learning, on the programme to help me to look for the positives. I found that I was automatically seeking out opportunities and gifts in the challenging situation, and I used the skills of empathy and innovation taught by the programme to help my colleagues to also look for the positives, rather than seeing the situation as entirely negative.


The programme was truly transformative for me. Some of the techniques taught were a real revelation and have changed how I approach challenging situations, both in my professional and personal life. Since completing the course, I have greater empathy towards myself and find myself catching and correcting my sometimes negative or critical internal voice.


I really enjoyed using the App and found the weekly videos and pod meetings very helpful. It was great to be part of a supportive community to share ideas and experiences with and really made for a powerfully positive experience."

Cat, Project Manager, Essex


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