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We tend to think of having a work-life balance but, in reality, many of us spend a considerable amount of our time working; it is very much a central part of our lives. Similarly, our lives do not begin only when we finish working. Of course, the lines have only been blurred further by the significant shift to home working as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Personal Leadership guides you to reflect on the balance of your life as a whole. It helps you raise your self-awareness and increase your resilience, enabling you to identify key actions that will transform your ‘whole life’ performance.

The programme provides a bespoke personal development framework that supports whole-life self-reflection. It will encourage you to identify and take responsibility for key wellbeing outcomes, and it will help nurture the mindsets, skillset and toolset that enables you to thrive in the areas you determine are most important to you.


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As an exploration of our personal lives with a view to helping us thrive, the Personal Leadership programme is a great vehicle for supporting individual wellbeing.​

Being our best is largely mindset; a commitment to, and a belief in being, our best. As humans, we operate at our best when our whole being is in harmony – our ambitions, thoughts, deeds and relationships. However, most of us do not intentionally cultivate our personal leadership skills and so, compared to what we are fully able to achieve, we unwittingly fail to unleash our full potential.                 

By bringing out our best and helping us make powerful choices, great leadership helps us to be more focused, more productive and most importantly, more fulfilled. It creates a sense of achievement that fills our lives with greater purpose, clarity and intentional joy!


Great self-leadership emerges when you:

  • Love, know and trust yourself

  • Create a personal vision

  • Believe in yourself to achieve that vision.

Personal Leadership is a coached programme which explores numerous insights to many aspects of your life and provides lots of useful tools to help you boost your impact, fulfilment and achievements. The course encourages you to explore your energy and life balance, before using the 6Rs framework as you review your life as it is, then begin to transform it to how you wish it to be.


In this course, you will explore your personal:

  • Energy

  • Life balance

  • Purpose

  • Values

  • Vision

  • Roles

  • Relationships

  • Strengths.

The programme comprises online modules to facilitate your discovery, before each module concludes with a 30-minute personal coaching session. Coaching will deepen your learning and challenge you to push further and think bigger, helping you make the changes and build the habits which lead to the realisation of your intended outcomes. The programme culminates in you producing a roadmap with clear actions to take your life forward as you want it to be.

At a corporate level, developing a programme that includes multiple employees completing the course simultaneously can further boost wellbeing, performance and engagement across teams and across your organisation. This will help you realise significant cost savings and increased profitability.​

Personal Leadership includes 10 x 30-minute coaching sessions and is designed to run across approximately 12 weeks, although the timescale can be adapted to suit your requirements. The group coaching programme will feature 10 x 1-hour group coaching sessions. Please note, we can set you up with a group so you do not need a group before you join the course. Learn more about the course layout here.

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