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Our programmes and courses are detailed on our online learning platform where you can sign up for them now! 

You will find a course overview and curriculum for each Personal Leadership and mental fitness coaching course, as well as a range of other programmes offered by Performance Management Systems and The Performance Learning Company. You will also find some free tools and resources for you to download and use. 

You can choose from coached programmes and courses, including:

Peak Performance of a Positive Mind


Personal Leadership with 1:1 Coaching

Personal Leadership with Group Coaching

Personal Leadership Corporate Programme

My Personal Charter with 1:1 Coaching

My Personal Charter with Group Coaching

Understanding your Energy (in development)

Balancing Your Life (in development)

Personal Leadership 5-day Sprints


We can also create full or half-day workshops (online or in-person) on any of the topics covered in our Personal Leadership coaching programmes. This can include:

Increase your Impact


Personal Energy Management

Life Balance

Personal Charter

(or any of its component parts - purpose, vision, values, roles, relationships, resources, personal roadmap)

Build your Mental Fitness

Identify and Understand your Saboteurs

The Power of the Sage

Increase your Confidence

Build your Resilience

Raise your Self-awareness

Stress Management

Conflict Management

DiSC Profiling


To discuss any of these workshops and how they could benefit you, please contact us via or on 07367871274.


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